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Echolink Instruction

Instructions for Echolink.

Load Echolink on your device of choice, (smart phone, computer, tablet)
Search AG6IF-R  (it is case sensitive)
"Add to favorites" for convenience
Hit "connect" to listen to the repeater.
Hit transmit and wait about 2 seconds, then speak into the microphone to get on the air.
Hit the screen again to un-transmit to avoid an open mic condition.

Note, the default mic button is the space bar, for the computer keyboard.
The default setting is a latched PTT, not a momentary.  In other words, hit the space bar
once and begin to talk, hit the space bar again to unkey.

You can change the setting to a "momentary" PTT, which is what more people are
familiar with,  by going into settings and find PTT behavior and check or uncheck "momentary"